Why Buy Fans, Followers and Views?

Traditional forms of marketing are on the decline and social media marketing is on the rise! Smart businesses are already taking advantage of this by placing more money into their Facebook campaigns. In fact, most social media experts agree that a strong social media presence is CRUCIAL to business success in the 21st century!

Buying social fans guarantees that you instantly get real social followers to your social accounts- fans that normally take months of non stop advertising and promotion to build.

These new fans will not only provide social proof, but will be active on your page. Buying fans from us is an amazing way to jumpstart your Facebook, Twitter or Youtube marketing campagin!

How do I place an order?

Simply tell us your URL and how many social fans you want. Once we receive your payment and order informaiton, we’ll begin processing your order and keep you updated along the way.

How long does it take to receive my fans?

Depending on the volume of orders, we’ll get started either immediately or in the next 2-3 days. We’ll send fans to your fan page at a steady rate, to ensure your account remains 100% safe and does not raise any flags with Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

Turnaround times are different for each campaign, but it generally takes about 7-10 days for 1000 fans.

What is the quality of fans like?

We only send you 100, real and targeted fans and followers. Unlike many other fan selling services that provide junk fans, we promise to deliver fans who are active Facebook and Twitter users, just like you and me. These fans will LIKE your posts, comment on your wall and may even become customers down the line!

What is the Super Social Fanser guarantee?

We take customer satisfaction very seriously and guarantee only the best results. We have unmatched fan quality and customer serivce. We have worked with all kinds of businesses – local businesses, online marketers, musicians, start ups and major corporations.

Check out our testimonials from our satisfied clients.